Один из ведущих информационных порталов о дизайне Designcollector подвел итоги уходящего года, перечислив самые популярные ролики (The Top Motion Pictures of 2013). Подборка получилась очень качественная и разноплановая: в двадцатку вошли видео от Givenchy, Jaguar, Instagram, OFFF, Sofles и многих других. Большое спасибо создателю сайта Арсению Веснину, за сайт и за публикацию!

Givenchy Le Rouge

Directed by Hellohikimori

Be Yourself at the Chalkboard

Directed by Soon

Paperman short animation

Directed by John Kahrs at Disney

Good Deeds Fair mapping

Directed by SILASVETA

FITC 2013 Titles

Directed by GMUNK

Life Drawing at The Book Club

Directed by Wriggles & Robbins

Shave It

Directed by 3dar Studios


Directed by Tell No One

Jaguar F-TYPE presents Desire

Directed by Ridley Scott Associates


Directed by Willie Wittie


Directed by Nicolas Deveaux

Instagram Is

Directed by Paul Tellefsen

OFFF 2013 Main Titles

Directed by Ashley Govers, Jurjen Versteeg and Wouter Keijzer

Paper City

Directed by Maciek Janicki


Directed by Wriggles & Robins

Filmteractive 2013: Russian Motion Design

Composed by Alex Frukta


Directed by Aerosyn-Lex Mestrovic

The Bear and The Hare: London Christmas 2013

Directed by Blinkink and Adam & Eve DDB

A Parting Glass

Directed by Laurence Dunmore at RSA Films

Sofles – Limitless

Directed by Selina Miles


Designcollector’s Top 2013 Summer